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OMJ Welcomes You

We Are Here For You

Whether you’re looking for information on planning or support with important functions, we hope you’ll find what you need with O Mourning Joy. Our compassionate staff is ready to help.


Our Services

You Are Not Alone

They say people live on as long as there is someone left to remember them. O Mourning Joy provides services, tools, and resources designed to support our community in challenging times of grief.

Sunset in the Nature

Walk & Talk Services

Meet at a central location, pick how long you want to walk.

( Walks start at 20 mins) ( Seasonal: Reopen May)

Feel free to choose a discussion topic, appropriate and respectful to all parties involved. These walks consist of slow and moderate pace only.

(Covid guidelines apply). (Solomons & Lusby, MD only).

Pet Burial and Memorial Services (Officiate only)

O Mourning Joy will officiate your beloved pet's burial and memorial service with dignity and respect. 
(Covid-19 restrictions followed) ( travel fee applied after 10 miles)

Cat and Dog

Pet Parent Support Services

We offer before and after bereavement services to pet parents. 

(Covid-19 restrictions followed) ( travel fee applied after 10 miles)

Funeral and Memorial Services

When you choose our Funeral or Memorial Services, our caring and compassionate staff will officiate your loved one's funeral or memorial service in person or use our virtual platform.

Flower Arrangement
Therapy Session

Life Coaching / Spiritual Life Coaching

The expert staff at O Mourning Joy offer you both Life Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching. Life coaching assists in goal setting, decision making, and financial stability. Spiritual life coaching includes the elements of life coaching while helping you achieve a deeper connection with God. We use various tools to support our client's spiritual and natural journeys.